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Norwegian Classes
Norwegian Classes

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Norwegian Classes

This site gives overview over online Norwegian classes and their elements

For the complete overview visit - Learn Norwegian Online

The Norwegian Classes I offer follow a general pattern.
For beginner classes it is absolutely necessary to train in pronunciation.
To properly train in pronunciation it is a must, unfortunately, that there is repetition tasks.
In the repetition tasks I, as a teacher, read words and phrases to be repeated by you, the student.
This is naturally only a part of the beginner class. Just as it in the beginning can be advantageous to use a oot of translation to your native tongue, e.g. English.

From the earliest classes I use many listeing tasks. For double hour classes there are usually atleast one listeing task per meeting. This is an absolutely necessary part that will be used regardless of level, including advanced level. It is one thing to have communcation with your teacher only and listen to longer communications with different dialects.

In Basic Norwegian the principal elements are Norwegian grammar and vocabulary.
In Norwegian at an intermediate level the focus continue to be on the grammar from the Basic.
Added to the basic level is more advanced use of grammatical rules.
The largest difference at an intermediate level is the use of idioms and phrasal verbs, making your vocabulary look much more "native" and being able to talk about various topics in Norwegian. Intermediate level Norwegian is much more topic oriented and less about learning individual grammatical rules.

For the complete overview visit - Learn Norwegian Online

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